"I really enjoyed it, it is well written, easily digested and very engaging;
a great read on the plane to negotiate a contract!"
Igal Aciman, Pharmaceutical Executive (Ivy League MBA/German Baccalaureate
and former 'Big Three' management consultant) US, Europe & Asia



"I’ve seen him in action and a judge actually complimented him on his case presentation - one in which I and a few other people thought he’d lose.. but he won"
Sandy Walts, Aviation Entrepreneur

"You won’t find this kind of advice in law school, and not taking advantage of what’s in here would be criminal"
J. Simon, Licensed Attorney


"As Simon says ‘this isn’t brain surgery’, and it’s my considered professional opinion anyone involved with contracts would need their head examining if they ignore what’s in this report"
Dr M Anil (former neurological clinician in operating theatre; MD in private practice)